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A good wellness and preventive care approach is the cornerstone of keeping your pet healthy. At Carlsen Animal Hospital, our team is dedicated to providing the best preventive care for your pet. The focus of wellness care is regular physical examinations, which establishes a baseline of normal for your pet. In addition to thorough physical assessment of your pet, preventive care includes immunizations, screening for heartworm and intestinal parasites, baseline lab work, preventives, nutrition assessment, dental care and senior care.

Physical Examinations

We recommend yearly to twice-yearly physical examinations for your pet, since they age faster than we do and a lot can change in a brief period of time. A nose-to-tail physical exam allows us to establish a baseline of what is normal for your pet.


Puppies, kittens, adults and seniors have unique vaccination requirements, and your pet may also have different risks of infectious disease dependent on lifestyle and travel.

Screening for Heartworm Disease & Intestinal Parasites (When Needed)

When needed, we recommend testing for heartworm disease via a blood test, and screening for intestinal parasites via a fecal sample. Parasites can often go undetected in early stages, so screening tests are very important.

Baseline Lab Work

Just as a yearly physical examination establishes what is normal for your pet, an annual lab screening helps us track trends away from normal, aiding in the early detection and diagnosis of disease.


Carlsen Animal Hospital carries a variety of parasite preventives for heartworm disease, intestinal parasites, fleas and ticks. As some of the parasites that affect your pet can also affect you, it is very important to keep your pets current on preventives.

Nutrition Counseling

Just as for people, diet plays a large role in an animal’s health. We’ll help review your pet’s particular nutritional needs and assist with diet and exercise recommendations.

Dental Care

Dental care is one element of wellness care that many pet owners forego, but plays a critical role in your pet’s overall health. We perform an oral health assessment at the time of your pet’s wellness examination, and can recommend options for home dental care and perform professional dental cleaning when indicated.

Senior Care

Let’s not forget our old friends! Aging pets have unique issues including arthritis, age-related diseases, cognitive function changes, and changes in nutritional requirements. At Carlsen Animal Hospital, we take the time to address all your concerns about your aging pets.

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