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Carlsen Animal Hospital offers a variety of soft tissue and orthopedic procedures. Soft tissue surgery procedures include surgery on skin and muscle or internal organs. Orthopedic procedures are those focused on bones and joints. Some of the surgical services offered at Carlsen Animal Hospital include:

Soft Tissue Procedures:

  • Enucleation – removal of the eye, in cases of trauma or painful/blind eye, as in end-stage glaucoma. Pets actually adapt quite quickly to enucleation surgery.
  • Eyelid surgery – correction of entropion (inverted lids) and lid tumors
  • Oral Surgery – resection of oral tumors, repair of jaw fractures
  • Abdominal procedures:
    • liver biopsy – for diagnosis of liver disease
    • liver lobectomy – for removal of liver tumors
    • gastrotomy (stomach surgery) – for biopsies and removal of foreign objects
    • enterotomy (intestinal surgery) – for biopsies and removal of foreign objects
    • intestinal resection/anastomosis – when removal of part of the intestinal tract is needed due to tumor or foreign object obstruction
    • cystotomy (bladder surgery) – for removal of bladder stones or polyps
  • Spay and neuter
  • Soft tissue tumors

Orthopedic Procedures:

  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Surgery – via extracapsular stabilization. This is one of several techniques for joint stabilization for ACL tear.
  • Medial patella luxation (MPL) correction – MPL is a condition where the knee cap frequently dislocates, causing pain and lameness.
  • Fracture repair – intramedullary pinning (placement of pins inside the long bones)
  • Fracture repair – external fixation (using external pinning and connecting rods)
  • Limb amputation – indicated in cases of severe limb trauma or severe, debilitating tumors of the bones, joints or soft tissues.

The safety and comfort of your pet are of first and foremost concern during anesthesia and surgery. Pre-anesthetic lab tests and consultation prior to a surgical appointment, are important for risk assessment and for the purpose of educating pet owners about expected outcome from surgical procedures, recovery period, and aftercare.

We also provide comprehensive anesthetic monitoring during procedures, to ensure that your pet has the safest anesthesia possible such that complications are minimized.

At time of discharge from our hospital, Dr. Carlsen and staff will review any aftercare instructions, medications, and follow up recommendations, and any additional questions you may have.

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